Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shade of Akama tactics

best strategy to kill a boss, ever:


bassstud09 said...

Hey man, im a fellow i am bored (er?) and i saw you had posted that you are a homosexual Christian. Just wanted to say stay strong! I have done much research with many religious leaders, and have found out many amazing things- one of which is that homosexuality is not a sin. :) Help spread the word that someone can be religious, as well as homosexual!! :-D!!!

you are awesome!

Pabasa said...

I appreciate your presence in my rambling, selfish blog, and I thank you for your support.

However, I am unfortunately not a Christian. I'm a Muslim. Much weirder ain't it? :) But yes, I'm quite religious - as in I do my prayers, have strong faith in my Holy Book, and righteously defend my religion. I'm just gay as a bonus. Maybe I'll post the reasons for it later. But at the core, yes, I'm a religious gay. Ah the irony.

But yes, I truly appreciate and thank you for your support. You, kind sir, is awesomer for coming here to talk to me ^^