Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, today was one of those rare occasions I went outside the house, basked in whatever sun there was... and went into someone else's house.

Izad called up and get my arse over to another friend's house for... a little chit-chat and stuff. Considering i really had nothing better to do with my time (yes, really) I went ahead and GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE! THE SUN WAS BURNING (no, not really) etc. etc (insert geek going out of the house joke here).

Voila, it was a suprising easter party they organized. Not that we celebrated easter, but hey, a holiday's a holiday. The usual stuff. Free food. Games. A movie.

'Twas really nice to talk to more than just one real flesh-and-bones person after a couple of weeks homebound. So yeah, it was time well spent.

Oh, and Feardotcom Sucks. Ass. Period.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Politics

Malaysia recently had an interesting twist in her government. The current BN government just lost its strong, firm grip on controlling the politics of Malaysia, losing its 2/3 majority and leading the country with only a simple majority.

I myself am pro-BN. It's just part of who I am; I don't like changes and if something still works I'll still be using it. Just ask my mum. But I find this slight shift of power quite amusing, and I really like this change. There's a lot of reasons why.

1) BN has been monopolizing the media too much. TV3, RTM, the newspapers, everything is just so biased that one can never know what is really going on in the opposition camp. When it comes to insulting the opposition, hey, voila, front page news. Anything wrong with the BN gets all hush-hush, and swept under the rug. Really, watching the news I'd be damned surprised if you didn't notice the pro-BN-ness. It's too GLARINGLY OBVIOUS. Geez. if you keep showing yourself off and insulting your opponents, your popularity isn't going up ya know.

2) BN is too complacent. E.g. the Penang officials were bickering on who would be the next Chief Minister. Again, they think it's not going to be a big deal to the general people. Lo and behold, BN no longer owns Penang, and all that bickering gone to waste. Not so smart. And geez, not campaigning much, and cocksure of winning 2/3rds parliamentary majority again? Overconfident much?

3) Corruption. The politicians accept bribery and stuff. Hearsay on my part of course, but I *do* know they've got not a huge enough salary to live in huge mansion, which some of them do. Makes you wonder, really. I'm not jumping on anyone's throats here, but suspicion is good enough to distrust someone you put your votes into.

I'm not 100% into the opposition camp either. The ultimate goal of each opposition party is too different for them to unite. For example PAS is purely based on strong Islamic beleifs which no way in hell will DAP agree to. PAS made a smart move this election by not even mentioning an Islamic Nation concept. Kudos to them, but really, you really know that's their ultimate agenda.

Will their coalition work? I don't know. In fact, I don't know where the results of this election for any party will lead to, at all. But 'the damage' (some might not see it as damage, but meh) has already been done. Now it's just best to wait and see.

I however have a couple of predictions. The Penang government is going to abolish the DEB, which favours the Malay. It's always been at the core of the decision making of the BN government. Which, as a malay I fully agree with ^^ Because this is our home, and if we're exiled out of our own home we have nowhere to go. The Chinese can trace their ancestry back to China, and the Indians probably still have connections in India. Malays? If we're out of Malaysia, we'll end up like the Kurds.

Having said that, let's see how it's going to affect the penang politics. Removal of DEB means everyone gets equal opportunities in government projects and such. I, being a Malay myself know my own race, and we really suck. We're not going to get those projects. The ones who are better at it are going to get it, and it's definitely not the Malays. Trust me on this. I'm predicting a revolt from the Malays in Penang about the imbalance in a couple of years time.

But as I said, I'm just going to wait and see. Who knows, they just might suprise me.

This is a good time for all of us as the people of Malaysia. The BN wants to win our hearts back, and the opposition wants to win the rest of Malaysia come next election. This obviously means we're in a win-win situation people! BN (hopefully) aren't going to be complacent anymore, and the opposition needs to prove their promises. So have a seat, peeps, and enjoy the ride. Unless both parties make stupid decisions, we're in for a nice ride to a better Malaysia.