Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daughtry Concert

Right, I have a lot to talk about this. But the average blog reader doesn’t like to read WALLS OF TEXT. So I suppose I’ll follow the trend of the internet and make a list of “What I learnt at the Daughtry Concert”. P.S. Fate was loving me lots last week. I won the tickets via again (I’m turning all the radios I listen to to 92.9 fm). And FYI I went with Izad, Aiman and Shahied.

1. The Early Bird Catches the Worm. I got a free daughtry CD for being the first 10 to grab the tickets. Yay.

2. Be Prepared. We went to stand at the front of the concert and considering the awesome position we were at, it’s not something you want to move away from. So eh, no peeing (duh, of course, but mind, I haven’t been to a concert in like, years) and next time, bring water. Lots of water. This has got to be nailed into my brain or something.

3. Be patient. The concert was free, but damn it Sony Erricson, why on earth did you have to grab a bunch of boring performances (and performers) before we could enjoy the namesake of the concert?

4. The performers really need to know how to entertain a crowd. They know very well the purpose the audience was there was to watch Daughtry, so they either have to shorten their performances and make the crowd happy, or make a performance so good we forget that we want Daughtry. Dose two (Leyla? I didn’t even grab the name of the group, damn it), where one half of the member is Sayla (the one with the song “Woopsie”) was part of, and yet they played songs that no one knew about. The least that they could do was sing Woopsie, ya know (understandable the song was only performed by half of the group, but at least it’s something the crowd would totally enjoy). The last group before Daughtry, the DJs (I forgot the group name) made up for the lacklustre pre-Daughtry performances by playing songs the crowd loved.

5. Daughtry rocks. Like OMG, totally. And they knew a good order to perform songs too (unreleased single - unreleased single - hit - unreleased single - unreleased single - hit - unreleased single - hit - unreleased single - hit - hit).

6. I love concerts. And maybe clubs too. It’s the only place where I can sing loudly to a song and dance (even if don’t know how to dance) without getting strange stares. Not that I really care if people think I look silly dancing, but eh, I still have sense of shame.

7. Concerts are not for listening to the music. Concerts are purely for the music lovers to watch their favourite artistes in real life. Why? Because the closer you get to the stage, the more deaf you get. I couldn't hear anything at the front, thanks to the speakers...

8. People are paying too much for alcohol. Really. There should be a war against alcohol, not drugs (incoming flame in 3... 2...)

9. Eat cookies. Wait, what?

Facial (no, not that kind)

I bought (well, technically my mum did. Thanks Ma!) a couple of Clinique products the other day (a month ago), with the intention of grabbing some goodies, like a fancy facial treatment worth RM 80.00 at ForHim William Martins, whereby today was the day.

I was serviced by an awesome Ms. Rina, who totally pampered my face for an entire hour. Well, except for that pinching the oil out of my skin part. That was a wee bit uncomfortable. But hey, the entire experience was great, and my skin felt good. Though unfortunately it didn’t ‘look’ much better. I still had this awful, awful pimple in the middle of my cheek.

I would love to do it again, but considering the hefty price tag (I’m still a student, silly), it’s really not something I’d do at a drop of a hat.

On your right is the image post-treatment. Not sure it showed any visible upgrades, but it sure felt good.

And, I’m really not going to buy my skin products anywhere else. A shop that sells products which was previously female dominated (er, I mean the products were for hundreds of years designed only for women), needs all the support from Men Who Love Their Skin (oh boy that sounded totally gay).

Ethnic Relations


I was planning to write a post about one of the subjects I’m learning in uni atm, when I realized it’s not quite public knowledge that I’m now in Universiti Malaya studying Economics, after forgoing my studies over in Ireland. So eh, if I get the spirit and motivation to write about that, I will. After all, Izad said that I should be writing about studying a first degree as an older student, so maybe I should. Not right now, though.

For now, I want to talk about GXEX1414: Hubungan Etnik, or Ethnic Relations.

I have a strong gut feeling that the entire purpose of the teaching of the subject is to prevent one of the more significant pieces of history, the 13th May 1969 incident, to repeat itself.

What I found interesting was the fact that it instead of teaching on the impacts of racism and such, it teaches facts and an expansion of our vocabulary by giving definitions of Racism, Prejudice, Stereotypes, etc. It also teaches the gradients of racial harmony/combinations (I.e. assimilation, amalgamation, etc) and just stating the facts of the economic, political and social conditions of the different races of Malaysia.

It doesn’t emphasize, for example, that stereotyping is a bad thing, or that we as Malaysians should be striving towards better racial relations. It simply states definitions. No brainwashing here.

I suppose that since we’re all university students and all, I guess the purpose of the subject is just to let us be aware of the words relevant to race and ethnicity and know the racial differences, while we as individuals make our own decisions on what kind of prejudices we want to use (in an ideal world, none, of course).

Considering I myself still have prejudices, I’m not one to talk. But the least one can do is not make these prejudices visible. It’s more polite that way. I believe as long as we’re not discriminating (big word with strong meanings), it’s totally fine.

But eh, considering the other day my roommate told me he’s wary of the Chinese on our hostel floor stealing his laptop when he’s not around, I’m not sure the subject is teaching much. For some people, at least.

MTV Asia Awards Roadshow

Greedy git, ain’t I? I had already won two tickets to the MTV Asia Awards (MAA) via but the lack of physical representation of the tickets in my ownership made me feel restless (I eventually got the other tickets, mind), oh, and Aiman was whining that Izad got the priority to go to the MAA instead of he, considering I asked them both (protip: don’t ask more than one person when you only have one spare ticket). Thusly I went to the MAA roadshow at Cineleisure over at Mutiara Damansara, hoping to get the tickets. Oh, and hopefully spending quality time with VJ Utt at the same time.

Sadly, no VJ Utt.

VJ Taya was the one giving away the tickets, when I realized my black shirt is in no way capable of attracting attention, considering the goody bag (and the priceless tickets) were given away onstage - I.e. you had to grab the attention of VJ Taya and make yourself look silly on stage by pronouncing the ‘t’ in Esprit (one of the sponsors) or being forced to sing along. For the damn tickets, it’s totally worth it. I think it was my intense staring deep into Taya’s eyes, giving an impression of “I WANT THESE DAMN TICKETS BADLY!” that I garnered her respect (or actually, more likely, sympathy). So yeah, I got the tickets. Yay.

Oh, and there was Faizal Tahir performing, and there was a fashion show by Esprit (specifically EDC). But really, who goes to the roadshow to watch Faizal Tahir?

Monday, July 14, 2008

So this is what it feels like to win

So I've been really-really-really hyped about the coming MTV Asia Awards which will be held for the first time in Malaysia this second of August. With artistes like Leona Lewis, OneRepublic, Pussycat Dolls and more, well, who wouldn't be? (discount the people over 40, they've got different music tastes).

Now I've never been a contest enthusiast. Unlike my sister, I have terrible luck in winning anything based on luck (redundancy intended), so I really had misgivings over me ever going to go there. Thanks to my adrenaline-boosted enthusiasm to getting tickets to the event, however, I spent a lot of effort in entering every possible avenue in getting them much valued (and really overhyped) tickets. I even prayed. Really. Even though I don't think God would approve much of me staring at Nicole's, Melody's, Jessica's, Ashley's and Kimberley's legs for any duration of time. But then again I don't think I'll find them arousing much. Anyway...

It pulled off.

Thanks to (I'm not changing my radio station, ever again), I am now invited to the amazing event this coming 2nd August! And I think it was the first opportunity to win the tickets too (the contest wasn't around last week). All I had to do was listen to the radio, listen to the question and send an SMS (50 sen, mind), and voila, Adam C (which is quite hot I might add) and Mootz (not as hot. Sorry bro) gave me a call and GAVE ME TICKETS. Granted I was nervous. I could not remember what the hell I told them... Quite a blur. And the radio broke down a few minutes afterwards, so I couldn't hear myself on the radio. But eh, I got tickets, and that's all that matters. Thank the Lord.

If you're interested in the MAA (or my activities, if any such people exist), WATCH THIS SPACE! Going to events like this is an awesome opportunity, and I'll try to keep the blog up-to-date.

Till then, I'm pondering whether I should go to the MTV mosh pit auditions...

Friday, July 11, 2008

I have a pet

Well. Sorta. First off it's not my pet per se. It's my sister's. As in she's the one who bought it, bought the food for it, and took care of it for the most part of it's life.

And well, do fish count as pets? you can't really pet it. You don't cuddle it. And... well... most of the time we tend to be eating the poor creatures.

But then again, Oskar (or Oscar, whatever you want to call it/her/him) isn't like most goldfishes I've seen. You see, Oskar is actually a very adorable creature. Sure, not as adorable as a fluffy wittle bunny or a sweet lil' kitten, but Oskar is adorable in its own way.

Should there be a large presence above it that lingers for a moment (We've got sorta like a transparent bridge over the aquarium/pool/whatever you wanna call it) for instance, a human being, well, Oskar would come up below our feet and bob its head up and er... breathe? (give me some space here, I'm no aquaculturist) affectionately. One of those things that make you go "Awwww". So yea, everyday I get my daily dose of Awww of the day just by coming round to Oskar's pool and feeding him, or really just to check up on em.

It's probably coz he's the only fish there. No, don't call the RSPCA. It's not our fault the other fish died.

Oh, by the way, I'd appreciate if someone could help me to identify what type of fish Oskar is... (pardon the newbishness).