Friday, July 11, 2008

I have a pet

Well. Sorta. First off it's not my pet per se. It's my sister's. As in she's the one who bought it, bought the food for it, and took care of it for the most part of it's life.

And well, do fish count as pets? you can't really pet it. You don't cuddle it. And... well... most of the time we tend to be eating the poor creatures.

But then again, Oskar (or Oscar, whatever you want to call it/her/him) isn't like most goldfishes I've seen. You see, Oskar is actually a very adorable creature. Sure, not as adorable as a fluffy wittle bunny or a sweet lil' kitten, but Oskar is adorable in its own way.

Should there be a large presence above it that lingers for a moment (We've got sorta like a transparent bridge over the aquarium/pool/whatever you wanna call it) for instance, a human being, well, Oskar would come up below our feet and bob its head up and er... breathe? (give me some space here, I'm no aquaculturist) affectionately. One of those things that make you go "Awwww". So yea, everyday I get my daily dose of Awww of the day just by coming round to Oskar's pool and feeding him, or really just to check up on em.

It's probably coz he's the only fish there. No, don't call the RSPCA. It's not our fault the other fish died.

Oh, by the way, I'd appreciate if someone could help me to identify what type of fish Oskar is... (pardon the newbishness).

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