Sunday, July 27, 2008

Facial (no, not that kind)

I bought (well, technically my mum did. Thanks Ma!) a couple of Clinique products the other day (a month ago), with the intention of grabbing some goodies, like a fancy facial treatment worth RM 80.00 at ForHim William Martins, whereby today was the day.

I was serviced by an awesome Ms. Rina, who totally pampered my face for an entire hour. Well, except for that pinching the oil out of my skin part. That was a wee bit uncomfortable. But hey, the entire experience was great, and my skin felt good. Though unfortunately it didn’t ‘look’ much better. I still had this awful, awful pimple in the middle of my cheek.

I would love to do it again, but considering the hefty price tag (I’m still a student, silly), it’s really not something I’d do at a drop of a hat.

On your right is the image post-treatment. Not sure it showed any visible upgrades, but it sure felt good.

And, I’m really not going to buy my skin products anywhere else. A shop that sells products which was previously female dominated (er, I mean the products were for hundreds of years designed only for women), needs all the support from Men Who Love Their Skin (oh boy that sounded totally gay).

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