Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, today was one of those rare occasions I went outside the house, basked in whatever sun there was... and went into someone else's house.

Izad called up and get my arse over to another friend's house for... a little chit-chat and stuff. Considering i really had nothing better to do with my time (yes, really) I went ahead and GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE! THE SUN WAS BURNING (no, not really) etc. etc (insert geek going out of the house joke here).

Voila, it was a suprising easter party they organized. Not that we celebrated easter, but hey, a holiday's a holiday. The usual stuff. Free food. Games. A movie.

'Twas really nice to talk to more than just one real flesh-and-bones person after a couple of weeks homebound. So yeah, it was time well spent.

Oh, and Feardotcom Sucks. Ass. Period.

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