Friday, December 28, 2007

Fashion Investment

I went shopping at Mahon's Point Shopping Center today with my housemates and I spent an amazing amount of €160 at Next Stores alone, and I think that's a new personal record that I've spent on clothing in one shop yet (oh I have plans for next year already).

That's me queueing up in front of the store at 7.30 a.m., and we had to wait another 30 minutes to get in. Considering I've never personally done such a queue it was quite amusing to say the least.

ShopShopShop, then i went back home to try my new presents:

First off please mind the idiotic pose. My mum was taking the picture. Next time when I have my own privacy I'll give a more exotic look (If it's possible :P). That's me in my new formal attire set.

Next I've got my pajamas (sort of):

This is where one usually puts the climax (giggity) of events. Sadly it isn't so for me, as the one item I really was looking forward to was this lovely vest+shirt+tie:
Unfortunately the silly thing was a bit tight for me. Oddly enough all the other shirts I got were the same size, but this one makes me look like a kid that grew too fast. Ah well, next week i'm going to get an exchange and hopefully I can make it look good (if possible).

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