Friday, December 21, 2007

Sunwell details in 2.4

Everyone who's playing WoW should be fully aware that the Sunwell Plateau is coming up in 2.4, with a next-level 25-man raid and a 5-man wing, yada yada.

Latest news from the Swedish magazine Level (via MMO Champion) has all those stuff, but the one I'm most interested in is the increase in daily quests limits to 25, which doesn't make sense, as I'm sure no one really would do all 25 in a day even if they added more daily quests. The only time I used up all my 10 dailies was during the netherwing rep grinds.

I'm looking forward to the addition of more daily quests in Sunwell Plateau, though. More money to allow me to buy epic flying mounts for all my characters :) Time to get those muscles working gurrl!!

BTW I'm tempted to leave my current guild in order to join a more serious raiding guild, though it really breaks my heart to leave people with whom you have a 2 year relationship with.. But with me having a lot of free time come next year I'd so love to spend the evenings enjoying my dear game of WoW.

I'll just have to spend more time thinking I guess.

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